Author | W. G. White

"Walking imagines a bleak, evocative world through appealing characters
we can get behind, even if we don't agree with what they've done.
I'd recommend this book to those who like satisfying,
visceral reads in one sitting."

- Beth Madden, Author

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W. G. White (Born William George White, known to friends and family as Will) was raised in Godalming, England. He attended Godalming college where he discovered a passion for stories, particularly in the mediums of film and print. He later enrolled in Buckinghamshire University where he earned a Bachelor's degree in Film and TV Production, and met Andrew Pearson, co-creator of Deskhood webcomics.

To date, he has written ten complete novels and a selection of short stories.

He currently lives in Guildford, Surrey, writing daily.